How to Succeed in a Bootcamp?

How to Succeed in a Bootcamp?


Bootcamps are highly disciplined programs that provide training on subjects such as software, defense industry, space, and aviation. In this training, students are involved in a strict educational process related to the subject that needs to be mastered. Those who are involved in the training take the biggest step towards having complete knowledge and becoming a professional in their field in a multifaceted way. In this training, the most up-to-date content required by the market is available. In addition, the necessary information related to the field of education is given at the basic level. With this training, many difficulties that can be experienced in the process of keeping up with the developing world are overcome.

Bootcamp training, especially in the field of IT (Information Technology), has recently become more common. IT Specialists who try to find solutions to problems in the field of informatics and provide services to companies in the branches in which they specialize graduate from these bootcamps. In these bootcamps, they graduate by being aware of all kinds of innovations and being able to use new technologies. Many of the students who have graduated from Bootcamps with an intensive education find a job in a very short time and this causes Bootcamp training to be preferred more.


Bootcamps aims to provide all the skills related to the included program at a basic level. For example, developer training should be expected to include basic information about the entire software development process.

It should be expected that the technology and course syllabus used in bootcamps are up-to-date. In addition, it should be expected that the syllabus of the Bootcamp will be prepared by considering all the needs in the field of education. In this way, the training can respond to market expectations related to the field.

Bootcamps are expected to fulfill everything promised to the participants at the beginning of the training program.


The course schedule should not be expected to go beyond the predetermined syllabus. It should be accepted that changes can be made in the courses by taking into account the expectations and demands of the participants, or a negative answer can be given according to the evaluation of the demands.

The training program should not be expected to cover all the subjects related to the determined profession, to the smallest detail. Because the field of IT is very wide and it is accepted by everyone that there are many different methods to perform this type of work.


In order for a Bootcamp program to be successful, it is primarily expected that participants need to make the most of this program efficiently. Students who know how to manage their time well succeed, while students who cannot organize themselves in managing their time soon find themselves completely lost. Bootcamp is a very intensive program. There is a lot of information that you are expected to digest in a short time. In order not to fall behind, you need to constantly make efforts. If you want to succeed in a Bootcamp program, it is very important that you prioritize and manage your time extremely well.

What needs to be done for this can be examined under the following headings.

Following the Lessons

The follow-up of the lessons is in three stages. The first stage is before the lesson, by preparing for the lesson. Preparation for the lesson is provided by making the hardware and software needed during the lesson ready by the participant before the lesson.

The second stage is during the lesson. Since each lesson is a continuation of the previous day, regular follow-up of the lessons is very important. It is not possible for a person who cannot attend the classes regularly to achieve the targeted success in the program. It is of great importance to follow the live lessons, to communicate with the instructor at incomprehensible points, and to solve the problems immediately. The follow-up of the courses should be ensured not only by watching the course but also by actively participating in the course, that is, by trying to do what is explained together with the instructor.

The third stage is after the lesson. Learning is reinforced by the repetition of the lesson after the lesson. In case of lagging in the course, the lagging behind should be compensated by watching the course records.

Reviewing the Lessons

Reviewing the lessons is very important in terms of reinforcing what has been learned and ensuring the permanence of knowledge. Especially in the field of IT, many examples can be seen that a result can be achieved in more than one way. Considering that each different solution example cannot be shown in the bootcamps, it will be a great gain for the participants to try to find these ways themselves. Bootcamps guide participants in finding these paths. Great gains and experiences will be gained by doing the given homework on time and using different techniques by trying different solutions.

Participating in Working Groups

Working groups help to form a team spirit and create an environment where everyone motivates each other. Activities such as practicing with mini-projects and organizing events in order to follow the innovations in the sector will contribute greatly to both gaining working environment experience and development in the professional field.

Involvement in Mentor Activities

Mentors are people who can always be reached by the participants, who can get support related to the training program, and who provide guidance in order to contribute to the professional life of the participants. Mentoring activities are carried out in the area needed by the participants within a determined program.

Considering that there are many unfamiliar subjects in a new field, getting support from mentors will make the participant feel safe.

The participants are pessimistic from time to time due to the intensity of the program they receive. The necessary support is provided by mentors in order to be motivated again. Participation in these activities will provide support for the constant excitement and desire of the participants.

Keeping Up-to-Date

As long as information technologies are constantly changing and developing, it is not possible to know everything. It is not realistic for the information we currently use to be available all the time. For this reason, it is inevitable for those working in this field to follow up-to-date and emerging technologies. Thus, by reading articles published in the relevant field, listening to podcasts created by people working in the relevant field, following different publications, we will be aware of the changes in the sector and it will be prevented from falling behind the sector.

Being a Researcher

Information literacy is very important in the IT field. It may not be enough to follow the sector from written sources in a constantly changing and developing field. It is very important to constantly review the resources on the internet in order to follow the innovations related to the relevant field.

In this field, it is necessary to approach the issues from a different perspective. When faced with a problem, trying different ways to reach a solution and reaching a solution in these different ways will provide many gains.

Since this area requires to be active all the time, the internet, which is an unlimited source of information, will be the remedy for this.


The best way to learn is to practice. For this, it is necessary to design a project and try to implement the designed project. When faced with insurmountable situations, first of all, support should be sought from the internet. (It is very important to know how to reach the right information). If there are still unresolved problems, support can be obtained from group members. It should be kept in mind that many gains are made while trying to solve a problem.

Making Mistakes, Encountering an Error

Especially in the field of IT, experience is gained by making mistakes and encountering mistakes. In order to encounter an error, it is necessary to try to produce a product. While trying to find the solution to the encountered error, much new learning and experience are gained.


  The sector prefers to progress with employees

- who have technical competence related to the technology and tools used and have strong communication skills

- who can work in harmony within the team.

- who can adapt to changes in the industry (new business processes, changes in technologies used),

- who is open to development (with the ability to change their habits),

- who is a researcher (who is aware of the innovations in his field and can find solutions to the problems that may occur)

In summary, it is possible for someone who has been involved in a Bootcamp program to meet the expectations of the industry and find a job in a company related to his field in a short time by taking into account the mentioned considerations.

The participants who have passed this process efficiently are employed in a short time as expected. However, the employment process of the participants who cannot adapt to the process may be prolonged depending on their study and effort.