Career Coaching

Our career team helps you go from scratch to a fascinating career.

Career Coaching

What is a Career Coach?

A career coach is an expert consultant who assists individuals in achieving their professional objectives by creating plans and strategies, monitoring their progress, and developing solutions to any obstacles. TechPro Education's career coaches provide comprehensive support to help you reach your career goals in the program you are enrolled in.

How TechPro Education Career Coaches Help You?

Resume & CV Preparation

A good CV is the foundation of an excellent first impression. The purpose of your CV is to make a solid first impression on the employer. CV preparation is one of the most essential steps in the job search process, as it allows you to receive an interview call, which is the first step to getting a job. Hiring managers spend an average of six seconds looking at your resume. Therefore, a CV should contain all the necessary information about you.

TechPro Education career coaches check and prepare students' CVs for job applications upon request. In addition, detailed training is provided on the tips for creating a good CV.

Linkedin Sessions

To find a job in the IT sector, having a compelling profile on the LinkedIn platform and building a professional network is essential. Therefore, we help you create your profile best by organizing LinkedIn Awareness Sessions throughout the course. We also review your profile and ensure that it is flawless upon request.

Soft Skill Presentations

Soft skills are as necessary as technical knowledge and skills for success in today's IT sector. Many companies look at these skills first in the hiring process.

Therefore, we organize presentations and events throughout the course to develop your skills such as time management, analytical thinking, stress management, and creative thinking. With these special classes given by experts in their field, you will be much more equipped for interviews and your future work environment.

Interview Preparation (Mock Interview in Four Languages)

Job interviews can be a stressful and crucial part of the job search process, so our students often feel pressure during interviews. The best way to overcome this stress is to be fully prepared for the interview in every possible way. At TechPro Education, our career team prepares you for interviews from technical, psychological, and behavioural perspectives, ensuring that you are fully equipped to handle any situation.

To help you prepare, we organize Mock Interviews in four languages (English, German, Russian, and Turkish). These mock interviews simulate a natural interview environment, allowing you to reduce anxiety levels and be prepared for the interview from every angle.

Interview Bootcamp

Upon completing the course, we offer a one-month mini boot camp that thoroughly reviews all the topics and tools learned, explicitly focusing on preparing you for interviews. Participating in this boot camp while the knowledge is fresh in your mind will fully prepare you for your upcoming interview.

Follow-up of Graduate Students

Our career coaches continue to provide one-on-one support to our graduate students until they get a job. In this process, where interaction is also provided through Slack channels we have created specifically for our graduates, we meet with you regularly and closely follow your job search process. We provide all the support our students need to receive job offers as soon as possible.

Documentation Support

As part of our commitment to our graduates, we provide various digital resources to help them succeed in their careers. These resources include CV templates, LinkedIn tips, interview preparation sessions, personal development seminars, and more. We continuously update and enhance our documentation support to ensure our graduates can access the latest tools and information to help them achieve their goals.