How TechPro Education Makes IT Training Available to All

How TechPro Education Makes IT Training Available to All

If you are hoping to become a software engineer or developer, then now is a great time to make the career move. These roles have been called the most popular in twenty-four countries, according to a report by a UK firm that recruits IT professionals.

However, the growing skills gap is fast becoming an issue and the greatest challenge faced by employers now is finding candidates with the right skills. Bootcamps for learning to code, therefore, become ever more relevant. There are reports that more tech managers hire bootcamp graduates because they are more prepared and perform at a higher level.

It is easy to see the appeal. As our recent market report highlights, bootcamps where you can learn to code prove to be a more economical alternative to university degrees. The majority of bootcamps cost between $5,000 to $20,000, in comparison to online computer science degree programs which can cost more than $40,000.

If you’re looking for quality training with prices well within the lower range, TechPro Education may just be the answer.

What Is TechPro Education?

TechPro Education is a bootcamp founded in 2019 by a group of passionate IT field experts with ten years of teaching experience. They all have excellent knowledge in their fields and are currently working in top Fortune 500 companies. As such, they witness industry developments first-hand and update each course curriculum where needed, making the course content always relevant.

In as little as six months, TechPro Education can give you the IT knowledge and skills needed by the tech job market. TechPro Education can help you get a tech job by guiding you with career development through IT coaching and training even after you graduate.

TechPro Education aims to give tech students in-depth technical knowledge so they can make significant contributions to their different fields – whether Software, Automation, Data Science, Salesforce, Cyber Security, or DevOps. More importantly, TechPro Education seeks to help learners build a strong set of skills that can guarantee their careers in the future.

What Makes TechPro Education Unique?

TechPro Education offers career coaching as part of its services. Outside of the regular class, students get to meet with their mentors weekly, usually in small groups of ten.

Even after they graduate, students continue to meet with career coaches who support them emotionally and practically during the job-finding process. The coaches provide guidance on their resumes and LinkedIn profile, conduct practice interviews, and offer real-life coaching at no cost.

Additionally, TechPro Education remains unique for three elements: it is accessible, inclusive, and offers free courses.

Accessible Programs

You can study at TechPro Education wherever you are in the world since the lessons are fully virtual. To fit your busy schedule, the bootcamp offers daytime classes between 10am to 1pm EST or nighttime classes between 7pm to 10pm EST. It also has a schedule for 10am to 4:20pm EST.

To serve a more diverse audience, some of TechPro Education’s programs are also available in Turkish:

  • - Full Stack Automation Engineering
  • - Full Stack Mobile Developer
  • - Full Stack Java Developer
  • - Frontend Developer
  • - Backend Developer
  • - Data Science
  • - AWS & DevOps Engineering
  • - Salesforce Developer

Woman Developer

No longer is tech a man’s world as some used to think. TechPro Education is helping more women get into the tech industry by offering discounts through the Women’s ‘Touch In’ Coding initiative.

Female-identifying students who join the Free Java program and attend at least seventy percent of the classes get free sign-up for the Central Java program. Then, they may apply for the Coding Challenge, which is given during Central Java. Anyone who applies for this challenge gets a five percent discount.

The winner of the challenge receives a 100 percent discount and the person who gets second place gets an 80 percent discount. Those who get third to fifth place get 50 percent discount while 20 percent discounts are given to those in the sixth, seventh, and eighth places.

Free Courses

In line with its mission to make tech training more accessible, TechPro Education offers free courses that can help students build a solid technical basis. Yes, you read it right. These courses are:

  • - Zip Camp (70+ hours)
  • - Cyber Security (40+ hours)
  • - HTML (9+ hours)
  • - Java (60+ hours)
  • - Python (30+ hours)
  • - Salesforce (50+ hours)

TechPro Education Programs: Curriculum, Schedule, and Possible Careers

TechPro Education aims to give students the skills they will need to succeed in a tech career. On top of the five free courses, it offers seven main programs:

Full Stack Automation Engineer

The Full Stack Automation Engineer program runs for 21 weeks and prepares students for jobs like automation engineer, quality assurance, automation tester, functional tester, Agile engineer, and software developer engineer in testing.

This beginner-friendly program helps you to become an expert in automating UI, API, or the database of an application using some of the most popular tools. Modules include Core Java, Selenium, Maven, JUnit, and TestNG.

Full Stack Java Developer Course

The Full Stack Java Developer Course is a 24-week program where you’ll learn basic programming and advanced concepts, allowing you to build the ability to solve complex problems. Modules include Core Java, Oracle SQL, Database, HTML5, and CSS3.

According to TechPro Education, this program equips students to launch a career in UX development, backend development, full stack, or Java development.

Salesforce Admin & Developer

For 16 weeks, you’ll get to learn to customize the Salesforce app including page organization, tabs, and business processes through the Salesforce Developer program. This program gets you ready to become a Salesforce developer or a Salesforce admin.

The curriculum includes topics like multi-tenant environment (cloud computing), MVC architectural design pattern, and process automation, among others.

Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Security is a 16-week program where you’ll gain experience with industry tools such as Wireshark, SIEM, Nessus, Burp Suite, Metasploit, and Kali Linux. You’ll learn skills needed for qualifications such as the Security+, CyberOps Associate, Network+, CySA+, and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

In the end, you’ll be ready to work as an information security specialist, SOC analyst, junior security engineer, or cyber security analyst once you complete the program.

Data Scientist

The Data Science program runs for 26 weeks and prepares you for jobs like Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer, Data Visualization Analyst, or Business Analyst.

With this program, you’ll be able to understand and carry out data mining, data analysis, data modeling, and model development. The curriculum includes Python, data analysis, probability and statistics, data and databases, visualizing data, machine learning, deep learning, and using models. Once learned, these are then applied to creating 15 Capstone Projects throughout the course.

AWS & DevOps Engineering

For twenty-one weeks, in the AWS & DevOps Engineering program, you’ll learn how to combine DevOps practices and tools and learn continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), and internal structure.

The curriculum includes software development life cycle (SDLC), Python, Bash Scripting, Cloud AWS, Ansible, and Terraform. By the end of the program, you’d have the skills needed to explore roles like DevOps engineers, Secops/Devsecops engineers, automation engineers, or engineers in charge of creating and checking reliable sites.

Full Stack Mobile Developer

The Full Stack Mobile Developer program runs for 24 weeks and it is ideal for Beginner students. Here, you’ll gain mobile application design knowledge and skills from backend to middleware and front end development.

The modules include Git and Github, Basic Java, SDLC, and Advanced Java. This program is a good option for those looking to move into mobile, iOS, or Android development.

The Front End Developer Course

The Front End Developer Course is an 18-week program where you’ll learn to build websites and software as well as fix bugs. The program is ideal for Beginner students who want to work eventually as front end developers, web developers, or UI developers. The curriculum includes HTML5 & CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and React.js.

Backend Developer

Within 24 weeks, you’ll learn to build websites and software, fix bugs, and track with Jira from the Backend Developer program. Here, you’ll take courses like Basic Java, Oracle SQL, database, and HTML5 & CSS3, with a focus on the server side of development.

After finishing the program, you’ll have the skills needed to take on roles such as backend developer, web developer, or full stack Java developer.

TechPro Education Fees and Payment Options

The fees for TechPro Education’s programs vary but are relatively economical, close to the bootcamp average of $11,727, as reflected in our latest market report. In general, the cost of its programs goes from $10,000 to $12,000.

To make the programs even more economical, TechPro Education also offers special discounts and grants. For instance, if you take a second course, you only pay fifty percent for the first part and nothing for the second part. The same discount applies if you take the same program a second time or in a different language.

Additionally, if you join another program after Full Stack Automation Engineering, you also get a 50 percent discount.

Access Quality IT Training from Anywhere in the World

Getting IT training with TechPro Education is possible wherever you are in the world. You get to choose from several popular programs at reasonable costs. If you have not decided which program to take, you can explore the free courses instead. If you’re ready to dive into a technology career, join a course today at TechPro Education.