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Welcome to TechPro Education IT Bootcamp! We're thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey of learning and growth in the world of Information Technology. Over the next weeks, we'll dive deep into the latest technologies, coding languages, and industry practices. Whether you're a seasoned tech enthusiast or just starting to explore the IT landscape, our expert instructors and engaging curriculum are here to guide you every step of the way. Get ready to expand your skills, broaden your horizons, and embark on a transformational experience. Let's dive in and make the most of this incredible learning opportunity together!

Why TechPro Education?

Our Mission

TechPro Education is a coding bootcamp founded in 2019 by a group of passionate IT field experts with 10 years of teaching experience. They all have domain knowledge and are actively working in top Fortune 500 companies. As such, they witness industry progression first-hand and update the curricula where needed, making the online IT courses content always relevant.

Our Vision

In as little as six months, TechPro Education Online IT Courses & Bootcamps can equip you with the IT knowledge and skills required by the tech job market. They can help you land a tech job by guiding you with a career to determine your future development through IT coaching and training even after you graduate...

Industry Experience

The founders of TechPro Education work at top IT companies like Bank of America, Mastercard, and Boats Group in the US. Being at the heart of the industry, we follow the latest trends and developments and instantly incorporate them into our training.

International Quality

TechPro Education is ranked as one of the best Software bootcamps for 2023 by the independent evaluation organization Career Karma. According to the Course Report, it is also one of the best QA Testing Bootcamps for 2023.

Opportunity in Silicon Valley

We offer the opportunity for our Data Science and Full Stack Java Developer course graduates to work on Silicon Valley projects under the mentorship of professors from Stanford University. Our graduates gain experience and build a professional network, giving them a chance to work professionally in Silicon Valley.

University Diploma from the UK

Through our partnership with Richmond College based in the UK, the certificate you receive from TechPro Education is accredited by Richmond College. After graduation, you can obtain an internationally recognized university diploma from Richmond College by completing only online assignments and exams without taking any additional courses.

High School Diploma from the US

Through our collaboration with US Lena Schools, we provide young students with a high school diploma from the US by taking only five extra courses. This allows students who graduate from their current country and the US to explore opportunities for studying at universities in the US.

Free Language Education

Thanks to our collaboration with Lena Schools, we offer the world-renowned Rosetta Stone online foreign language education platform to all our students for free throughout the course.

Germany Job Center Collaboration

With accreditation from the official authorities in Germany, the Job Center, our students who meet the requirements can receive utterly FREE education from TechPro Education in Germany.

Turkish-English Course Options

In the courses where we provide education in Turkish and English when a student enrolls in one, we also offer registration for the other completely free of charge.

Project Based Education

You can apply the topics you have learned through numerous mini-projects during the course and a final project at the end of the training.

Mentorship Services

Our mentors are with you during weekly sessions and whenever you need them. They closely follow your learning process, fill your knowledge gaps, and solve your problems.

Career Coaching

Our career coaches are with you from the start of the course until you land a job, with personalized career plans they have prepared just for you. We provide full support in resume and CV preparation, creating a LinkedIn profile, and interview preparation.

Small Study Groups

We create small study groups for students who need help understanding specific topics or have missed classes for any reason.

Rich Documentation

We provide Java Question Bank, Salesforce Apex Question Bank, and other up-to-date documents prepared by our expert teachers to reinforce the topics.

Problem Solving Sessions

Every week, we dedicate an extra 160 minutes to solving problems related to the lessons taught.

Rich Multimedia Resources

During your free time, we offer curated or specially created 15-20 minute video recordings compiled from lecture recordings for you to study.

Interview Preparation

We prepare you for job interviews on an international level with our Mock Interviews conducted in 4 languages. At the end of the course, we organize a 4-week unique interview preparation boot camp where you review frequently asked interview questions.

Extensive Network

With over four years of building a network with thousands of our graduates, you will always feel the support of a wide-ranging tech and career-focused network throughout your training and job search journey.

Flexible Day & Night Class Hours

You can choose the program that suits your schedule, whether daytime or nighttime.

What Our Students Saying

Companies Our Alumni Are Employed At

The alumni of Techpro Education have the opportunity to take their seats in leading companies in the IT industry. Prominent tech corporates hire our candidates for their challenging software tasks.

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